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New Years Why?

We talk about New Year’s Resolutions and you might think this theme is overplayed but isn’t the New year a good time for reflection? Many people are feeling overwhelmed by the “dailies” of life… Adulting, keeping healthy and this strange time of Omnicron COVID fog that we’re in… like Groundhog day set on “replay” but I also believe in Manifest destiny and trying to “Habit Stack”, do daily affirmations, focus on some Positive aspects and having Gratitude daily so here is my

here is my Y of 2022. We talk about New Year’s Resolutions and really we often fail at committing to losing that 10 lbs, drinking less alcohol, or meditating more but really setting one Positive intention is the most important thing you can do for yourself.

It isn’t about the “should” but picking one aspect to focus on and having Gratitude daily so here is my Pepp Talk of January 2022. I have a ton to work on. I am trying to be a good parent to my children, build a business, put energy into my relationships and survive the dailies!

But what I keep telling myself over and over is pick 3 tasks for the day and go from there.

So Today, I picked Network with a BNI member, Do Yoga, and invite 3 clients to come to my office for a Digital Ear Scan and to see PepPlug Products.

So If I accomplish these three things. I am doing what I “should” for the day.

I am determined to stay aligned with my mission including - staying safe and protecting my loved ones in a multitude of ways. From hat and coats to masks and PepPlugs in loud environments.

My hearing is too precious to lose. It is same with spending over 15-30 minutes in the sun, I am trying hard to protect my skin with sunblock, my eyes with sunglasses, my respiratory system with a mask, and my ears from noise induced hearing loss (NIHL). For any of you folks that don’t agree with this precaution, don’t understand my mission, that’s really on you. That’s your loss and I am saddened by the lack of consciousness about hearing loss.

I have been thinking a lot about the cultural resistance to my community, really, the world MOSTLY NOT using Hearing protection in loud situations. A 2018, study showed that 81 % reported seldom or never wearing hearing protection at sporting events or concerts.

So what this means to me is that people aren't educated enough about the dangers of hearing loss and many can’t be “bothered” to use hearing protection. But think about this past year and a half. No One (except for those in medical facilities and folks in toxic environments and hazardous workplaces, clean rooms etc…) really wanted to wear masks. Not even to protect themselves and others from the potentially deadly virus that has become a household name, COVID. Yet, many, in fact, most everyone did subscribe to wearing masks. What would it take for many, most or even all to take hearing heath seriously? I guess it takes a deadly bacteria or a flesh-eating earwig that crawls into your ear and eats your auditory system, destroying your hearing for people to think “Plugging their ears” worthy, right? Sorry to get graphic, but maybe that is what it will take for individuals to use Personal Ear Protection (Pep) regularly.

Training and awareness needs to start when people are young. I am always happy when the dentist comes to the elementary school where I work and teaches children about oral hygiene and protecting their teeth, brushing and hands out a toothbrush to the kiddos. It is the same with teaching children about the dangers of noise-induced hearing loss. And honestly, I am scared for our teenagers. They are plugged up, but with noise blasting into their ears with ear buds (not plugs), with earpods and listening devices, often at dangerously high levels.

We, as a society, are not doing a very good job of teaching them about the risks of noise-induced hearing loss and teaching our kids ways to be safe around noise the way we teach them about how to be safe around water, traffic, electricity, and fire.

I come from a sad place today because I am worried. I am worried that my words will go unread. I am worried that if they are read they won't be fully understood. I am worried that even if they are fully understood that people don’t want to listen, nor change and that my community doesn’t want to have “one more thing to worry about”. I am not doing this for me, I am doing this for you. I have seen too many construction workers, woodworkers, airforce, army, and industrial workers, musicians, and machinists that have noise-induced hearing loss WHICH IS PREVENTABLE. Don’t heed my warning, look it up for yourself, then make your own choices. I know what my decision is. To plug my ears with PEPP whenever in noisy situations and to do the same for my children until they can do it for themselves.

With love and hope that people will make good choices for themselves! This is a "call to action" order online today or book and come to my office showroom to get a free digital earscan. Radha Joy

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