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Places you wouldn't think you'd need hearing protection~

So there I was, at the dentist, and they were using a couple tools to smooth "sand" a rough, chipped spot on my tooth. The grinding, whirling and noise of the tools and the suction machine simultaneously were loud. I am not sure if it was 74 dB or greater (because I only tried the sound level meter via video, post appointment) but I asked if I could put in my PepPlugs to shield my ears from some of the noise pollution. I don't want to be exposed to noise levels that could potentially be unsafe for my ears. I don't want to be subject to additional hearing loss. I want to protect my ears, so since I couldn't "turn down the noise" and I couldn't "walk away", I advocated for myself and put in my PepPlugs to shield my ears for dentistry tools and equipment! Stay safe out there! Best, Radha Joy

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