Where and When Do I need PepPlugs?

Updated: Jan 31

In general, I’d say that people are concerned with keeping themselves healthy. We try to eat healthy foods and not too much sugar, alcohol, and fats. We wear seatbelts while driving in our cars, use helmets while riding bikes or skiing in the mountains and wear gloves while operating machinery especially those with blades. But what about Hearing Protection Devices (or HPD) which I call PepPlugs, Personal Ear Protection Plugs?

Some friends and colleagues have recently made statements like I am not sure Where and When I’d need your PepPlugs?

For the end of 2021, I’d like to document all the places I’ve used my PepPlugs this year:

  • January - Mount Hood chairlifts and snowmobiles are loud, Wonder if the lift operators ever use Pepp?

  • February - Basketball game at the Moda Center - with horns over 100 dB

  • March - spring break - Motel - road noise outside our lodging in Grants Pass, Oregon, made it hard to sleep without plugs

  • April - Great Wolf Lodge- Have you ever been to the arcade there? Those video games, plus music plus many people (sensory overload). At the pool, I’ve used my Aquanot plugs.

  • May - noise outside my apartment includes, garbage trucks between 6:40 and 7:30 on Mondays and dogs barking sometimes at 11 or 12 at night.

  • June- House Party House music at the Epicenter 107 dB for 7 minutes near the speakers can cause hearing loss.

  • July - Motorboat in the Willamette, Really loud when cruising at maximum speeds.

  • August - Concert in the Park- Journey cover band at Westlake - Even back from the speaker was still over 100 dB, Michael Franti at Edgefield

  • September- yard and lawn maintenance- weed whackers and lawnmowers are loud

  • October- Trains near Skamania off Hwy 14 are really loud throughout the day and night.

  • November - Airplane Travel - engine during take-off and landings are especially loud if seated closer to the middle of the plane.

  • December - Unfortunately, sometimes children and partners are loud sleepers, snores keep me awake.

The email read, “I haven’t really had a need for PepPlugs.” My reply, “I use my PepPlugs almost daily, we live in a noisy world and I want to preserve my hearing!” You should too. Earplugs are cheap, Hearing loss is not! - Your 65-year self will Thank you, Protect your hearing.

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