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Where and Why would I need PepPlugs?

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

I know most of us are concerned with keeping ourselves healthy. We try to eat healthy foods and not too much sugar, alcohol, and fats. We wear seatbelts while driving in our cars, use helmets while riding bikes or skiing in the mountains and wear gloves while operating machinery especially those with blades. But what about Hearing Protection Devices (or HPD) which I call PepPlugs, Personal Ear Protection Plugs?

Some friends and colleagues have recently made statements like I am not sure I need PepPlugs

This year I've used my PepPlugs :

  • January - Blazer game, Moda Arena, with the horns the intermittent sound reached over 100dB

  • February -Frog Lake Moon light snow shoe trip where there were 30 loud barking dogs, dogsledding

  • March - spring break - sleeping in a hotel at the coast, neighbors in an adjacent room

  • April - DJs dancing, near the speakers dancing over 105 dB

  • May - Magic mountain and Rollercoasters at Disney land, airplane engines

  • June- Rally at OHSU, close to the PA system

  • July - Blues Festival, I'll have my PepPlugs

Earplugs are cheap, Hearing loss is not! - Protect your hearing. Your 65-year self will Thank you!

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