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Dear Family, Friends and

Greadter Portland Community,

I have a vision to help protect people from the harmful effects of noise pollution resulting in hearing loss. My mission is to serve industries and people with a product I’m developing called Personal Ear Protection Plugs (PEPP), and I believe the research I’ve done so far is worthy of your attention. 


Providing PEPP goods and services is about looking out for all of you whom I love and care about, and I’m passionate about supporting the preservation of one of your most valued senses: your hearing. 


The health of our hearing can often be overlooked and even taken for granted, however, once hearing loss has occurred, it’s very difficult, and in most cases, impossible to reverse. 


The World Health Organization WHO recognizes hearing loss as a public safety concern and supports hearing loss prevention. PEPP is an answer to protect your hearing needs when exposed to noise pollution. 


Many of you know that I became interested in hearing loss and deafness many years ago in College at TESC (The Evergreen State College) when, as a resident assistant, I had a deaf neighbor who became a dear friend. Although he was deaf from birth, and didn’t have any hearing to protect, it was because of him that I went on to learn sign language and began later work in hearing and speech sciences.  After College,  I worked at the Hearing, Speech and Deafness Center in Seattle then went back to  Graduate School at Portland State University where I obtained my master’s degree in speech and hearing sciences. This education trained me in the importance of hearing health.  


Fast forward, I have been a practicing Speech Language Pathologist in the public schools for over 15 years.  I am now a Certified Occupational Hearing Conservationist (OHC) which has stemmed from many years of being witness to hearing loss and its damaging effect on individuals losing their hearing. 


When I began Graduate school,  I purchased my first pair of custom earmolds for hearing protection. I loved these little silicone plugs because when I wore them, the world’s noise was dampened... By lessening auditory input with these simple personal ear protective plugs (PEPP), I could be quiet and I even slept better in comfort. 


I have long since lost them but have been pining for a new pair ever since. When it comes to ear plugs, there’s nothing quite like having them personally molded to fit your ears, but in reality, they’re not so easy to come by.  You can go to an audiologists office or a hearing aid specialist, pay $130-$230, get a physical impression made, wait a week or two to have them 3D printed at one of the major east coast hearing aid manufacturers like Phonak or Westone.  That's a lot of time and money for some little ear molds! My desire is to streamline this process, making PEPP readily available at a more affordable cost for everyone. 


My goal is to offer PEPP for $50-$60 a pair, a fraction of the current cost to have them made. They’re important to have, just like reading glasses, or your fit bit. They’re small, lightweight, and you can throw your PEPP (Personal Ear Protective Plugs) into your purse or pocket and then no matter where you are: at the rock concert, at the Blazer game, at the movies, a factory, a loud stadium, swimming pool, airplane, trains in the night, race track etc… you have your ear protection. 


My mom, my dad, my cousin, my godmother, my mother-in-law, my brother-in-law and even myself -- have hearing loss. The cause: NOISE POLLUTION. And it all started in our early years. For me, many concerts and loud places; for my dad machinery for carpentry; my brother-in-law from working on the pipeline.


Ideas are at the nexus of change and innovation. My vision is for all people that are remotely concerned about protecting their hearing and the hearing of others to invest in personal ear protection plugs (PEPP). This can be achieved through education and offering an affordable solution that is easier to access.  


I’d like to ask for your support in my startup by donating or investing $50 for your own customized pair. Your support will help me to afford the resources I need to acquire the necessary technology and launch this project off the ground.  


My GOAL: To find 1000 people to purchase one pair of PEPP in advance (or purchase a few pairs for others in their life) to raise the funds I need to cover my start up costs and get the ball rolling. 



3D printer with scanner & software purchased from EnvisionTec: $24,000.


Natus Otometrics Otoscan digital scanner for ear impressions: $15,000.


A portable audiometer, an otoscope and that will allow me to get started (so $40,000 is the minimum just for the equipment)


Printing one pair of  ear plugs (PEPP) takes one hour, so to print 1000 will take some time, but the more resources I have, the more support I can afford.

My PROMISE to you: Everyone who takes a chance on me will have theirs by the end of 2021, if not sooner, or you will receive a full refund on your investment. 


By investing in PEPP you’re investing in yourself and a hearing protection revolution. This is an important public and personal safety issue that people need to be more cognisant of. Through my advocacy, education, and products at PEPPnow, LLC, my mission is to make it the norm that people bring their PEPP Plugs (Personal Ear Protection Plugs) when they go out to loud venues, are on airplanes, and are working around noise.


Yes, this is a campaign for hearing health. Yes, it’s asking for money, but what’s better than donating in exchange for something so valuable in return for your financial support…? It’s a win-win! 


Please consider the investment for your own hearing health but also to support me in getting this business off the ground and my mission to impact hundreds of thousands of lives with Personal Ear Protection Plugs. 


Hearing loss is preventable just like using masks to protect against COVID,  using ear protection protects against hearing loss.   As Journalist David Owen says,  “Deafness is expensive. Earplugs aren’t.”  Invest in PEPP NOW- be part of the hearing conservation revolution.   


Thank you for your time and support.  GO FUND ME


Radha Joy

For more information, to donate, or to place an order, you can contact me at:


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