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People holding their hands into their ears to show that they are suffering from the noise in the concert hall.

Protect your hearing


What causes hearing loss?

Machinery, loud music, airplane engines, motors and other environmental factors could cause hearing loss.

Decibel chart in between 80 decibels to 140 decibels with illustration <a href="">Rifle Vectors by Vecteezy</a> <a href="">Air Plane Vectors by Vecteezy</a> <a href="">Wrench Vectors by Vecteezy</a> <a href="">Lawn Mower Vectors by Vecteezy</a> <a href="">Truck Vectors by Vecteezy</a> <a href="">Cartoon Vectors by Vecteezy</a> <a href="">Art Vectors by Vecteezy</a>

Did you know that anything over 85 decibels (dB) can result in hearing loss? Gunshots, for example, are nearly double that. A gunshot can rate around 140 dB, which means that it’s loud enough to require hearing protection. Anything over 85 dB can result in hearing loss, and a gunshot can easily be close to double that figure. A gunshot can even cause instant damage.

Hearing damage can also result from a prolonged exposure, which means that if you fire weapons , listen to loud music, work in a factory or operate machinery on a consistent basis you are at a much greater risk for having hearing problems.  

​For more information about what causes hearing loss go to CDC’s National Center for Environmental Health’s hearing loss articles. 

Our mission is to contribute positively to and influence people to use Personal Ear Protection Plugs PepPlugs. Everyone has Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), like safety goggles, helmets, masks, seat belts, why not protect your hearing with products and information from PepPlugs? PepPlugs will impact our culture by promoting hearing conservation.  We have the ear protection solution for you.

If you don't protect your hearing, you won't be able to hear birds chirping, ocean waves in the distance, your children playing or conversations in a noisy restaurant. Hearing loss is critical and we have a commitment to educate and provide ear plugs to everyone that will wear them and work to preserve their sense of hearing. So get your PepPlugs today and be part of the hearing revolution.

A boy is speaking to another boy using a megaphone.

The best way to protect you and your family’s hearing is to avoid noisy activities and loud sounds.

PepPlugs is a company committed to working with people to preserve hearing. We strive to find hearing health and conservation solutions for you.


A woman who is listening while she is holding her hand behind her ear

Hearing Screenings and Pure Tone Audiometric Testing

Ear Anatomy

Education and resources about hearing loss and hearing conservation



“I do design/ build through my company, Priority Design LLC. 
I always use personal ear protection plugs while using tools and machinery!

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—  Erin Leichty, General contractor

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