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A couple on a bed. The woman is holding a pillow around her ear. The man is sleeping calmly next to her.


PepPlugs online store and inventory will be available to purchase 2021

Until then GO FUND ME HELP with your donation for PepPlugs -

HELP FUND PEPP to join hearing conservation

PepPlugs offers a variety of hearing protection products including : Custom-Made, Custom moldable, formable foam, silicone or wax and pre molded flange type earplugs. 

All vary in cost, comfort and effectiveness. Some versions are disposable and others can be washed and re-used for years.  It is really personal what kind of hearing protection best suits you, but the highest rated ear protection are the Custom-3 D printed earplugs.   GET YOUR PepPlugs now and start protecting your ears.  We carry a small selection of “pre molded” inventory.

Custom-3D Printed
Custom "molded" Do it yourself kit (DIY)
Pre-formed two flange or three flange plugs
Silicone Moldable Putty
Formable foam earplugs
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