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Building on Land Beyond Zion

Over the holidays, we got to do a little building in Cane Beds, Arizona and Land Beyond Zion while out there visiting family. My sister, Shanti is working on completing her "Camp Glamp" operation that she has named "LAND BEYOND ZION" because it is near Zion National Park in Southern Utah. We got the opportunity to "Glamp out" in the Tiny home, Nook, and Trailer for a few days and even helped build a teeter totter for the kids to play on using scrap wood, old tires, etc... In order to cut and sand the wood, we used power tools and all four of us, including the kids used a variety of PepPlugs and Hearing Protection (like over the ears muffs)

to protect our ears and hearing. The Teeter totter is done and our ears our protected. Phew! If you're doing any power tool projects please consider your own hearing preservation, if you're going to Southern Utah and Zion consider staying at ! Happy New Year! Radha Joy

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