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Big Arena - GO Portland Winterhawks!

I love big arena events! I love going to see the Blazers at the Moda center! I watching the Portland Winterhawks play at Veteran's Memorial Coliseum and I love seeing performances like Cirque d’ Soleil. I have seen my share of big shows like U2 at the Tacoma dome many years back when I lived in Washington. I love concerts, music and local sporting events, BUT what I don’t love are dangerous decibels! Hockey is a loud sport, Basketball is too.

Let me reframe that, the sport isn’t loud but the horns and music and amplified commentators are! Last season in the Blazer arena, the general amplitude (loudness which is measured in Decibels dB) was 85+ dB for the overall ambient noise level but when the buzzers go off, the music is playing and horns are honking, it is well over safe listening levels.

Did you know that 7 minutes at 107 dB can cause hearing damage?

The horns are between 103 and 107 dB and they are honking with music blaring, fans cheering, speakers jabbering and it is an auditory sensory overload. Not to mention the lights and other bombardments of the arena. Now don’t get me wrong, I love going to events, I love the stimulus and the concert vibe , the energy at big sporting events, but I also like to be safe. I like to take precautions, and in this case, this is having a mask, if It feels too crowded and having my PepPlugs for when the decibel levels are too high and in the dangerous levels.

This is when I applaud, not only the hockey players, for playing a good game, but the folks that work to put on such a monumentous event and myself for being preventative and bringing Personal Ear Protection Plugs (Pepp) to use> Listen, if I feel unsafe and know the risks of the noise pollution, you should too.

I am tired of people neglecting their hearing and then wondering why they have tinnitus (ringing of the ears) or why sounds are muffled for them in their later years…. Hearing loss isn’t just for old people, it is something we get when we’re old from the decisions we make when we’re young.

So here is the Call to Action (CTA), order your PepPlugs today. I don’t care if you use my hearing protection (Pepp Now - or another brand, just use something other than wadded-up toilet paper because you are too lazy to go to the guest services for some foam plugs or you keep forgetting to order, carry, bring your own PepPlugs to use when exposed to noise pollution.

Hockey games are a blast, I enjoy every minute of it, as long as I am protected with my PepPlugs. Go Winterhawks, Beat the Spokane Chiefs -- Be a responsible Winterhawk and plug it! That’s my Sunday Pepp Talk! SEE you THERE? Free PepPlugs for the first three that find me in section 13 Row E! for eek, its loud in this arena!

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