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Blowing leaves and Blowing out your ears!

The other day, I was driving along Lesser Road past the PCC Sylvania Campus and I looked over at the landscaper crew that was picking up all the debris from the weekend and they were mowing and blowing the green space along the road near Jefferson Parkway. To my dismay, I noticed the guys weren't wearing any earplugs, no hearing protection, NO PEPPLUGS!

So there's me, pulling over and digging through my PepPlugs car stash to find some Personal Ear Protection Plugs to give these guys so they can protect their hearing while using their tools and equipment to do their job. It is a OSHA (Occupational Safety Hazard Association) law to have Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), on the job site, when exposed to noise pollution over 85dB, which their blowers certainly were, but people don't always comply nor enforce these rules.

I walked up to the person who seemed to be the lead on the job, since they were closest to the Truck and Equipment, and offered some PepPlugs, he readily took them and offered them to the other guys working as well. I was pleased. Three sets of ears at a time-- I can make that small difference for a Landscaping Crew.

Won't you use some ear protection too?

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