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Gratitude !

I don’t think as a “white, middle-class woman” without any major pain or suffering, I can ever be GRATEFUL enough. You may think the What are you Grateful for exercises are “overplayed” during the month of November in schools, workplace, and advertising- but I DON’T. I need the reminder to look at how lucky I am. and this time of year is always an opportunity for me to reflect and feel a lot of gratitude for... what I do have and my experiences in this crazy world in which we are living AND I am thankful for so much and I want to celebrate and appreciate it.

First and foremost, I am thankful for : my family, my friends, my partners (romantic, financial, and otherwise), my partnerships (co-parenting, educational and collegial, etc) but really I am most grateful for my health. So I created this Grateful for Wordle!

Coming out of this COVID fog, everyone has known, heard of, or lost someone to health-related illnesses this past year and for those, who work in healthcare, many people. Thank you, healthcare workers, I am really grateful for you. We have lost many and people continue to get sick, have degeneration and illness.

Ok morbidity aside, I am grateful, that I am still intact.

I have my limbs and my 5 senses including my sanity. I love, honor, respect, and feel for those without their full use of one of their body parts and senses but I also know how hard it is for many of them.

For example, my friend who is Deaf. He doesn’t hear the sounds of music, nor raking leaves outside, or the hum of traffic. He can't hear the waves crashing against the rocks at the oceanside jetty. He does not have the luxury of hearing laughter, and won’t even be aware of a joke or chuckle unless faced towards those individuals.

We take so much for granted including our sense of hearing! This Thanksgiving please take a moment to think beyond yourself and think about your hard-of-hearing (HOH) parent, uncle, grandparent, or cousin. Please think about how hard losing a sense of sight or hearing would be. We wouldn’t go do welding or grinding nor lasering and major chemical work without protective eyewear nor hand protection so then why do we engage in auditory risky behavior without hearing protection? Do yourself and your loved ones a favor.

Protect your hearing, use PepPlugs, use earmuffs, use hearing protection and keep your 5th sense. Your 65-year-old self will thank you, Radha Joy

Thank you in advance for your purchase of


this holiday season.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to come to check out merchandise for hearing health for you and yours. What better way to celebrate the holiday than make thoughtful decisions about hearing health and protection.

Radha Joy, leader in hearing health

“Hearing loss is expensive, Earplugs are not.” David Owen, Noise Control

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