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Hanukkah Health and the Festival of Lights!

It’s already Hannukah and December has just begun. Well, the 2021 holidays come early this year, but honestly, I think it’s lovely to kick off the holidays with the festival of lights.

It puts me in the spirit of gift-giving and shopping for my kiddos and seeking more meaningful gifts for my loved ones.

A few evenings ago, I read my kids the tale of Lionel and the Fantastic Beasts and I loved this story so much that I went and ordered it online for my nephew, that is far away in Utah, for a Hanukkah gift. Then I remembered, that I have family that has recently asked for PepPlugs because the industry and noise of travel have been so loud, so I obliged and sent them off. It’s a lot of hustle and bustle, sensory overload and loud. It can really be “a lot” for many to process during the holiday season, and it has just barely begun.

I am purchasing some useful household items for friends, purchasing some locally made items for another (support local), and giving fun PepPlugs with PepEnds to teens so they’ll proudly wear Personal Ear Protection (PEPP). I’ll be stuffing some envelopes to head cross country for folks nationwide to enjoy their next music venues with PepPlugs and specifically some Tru “concert plugs” by Westone. These are the newest universal generic concert plugs I've sold.

A few naysayers have recently told me “I haven’t had a need for hearing protection” but to them I say, “maybe not you, but have you thought, your kids might?” Fire alarms, bus rumblings, loud pools, music, party events, night-time noises, and industry, all nearby ring one thing for me, noise. I know I am sound-sensitive but I also know I’m not alone.

This December, Give the gift of PepPlugs TM and be part of the hearing preservation solution and not part of the Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) Problem.

And have a Happy Hanukkah! May there be a miracle and blessing for each and every one of you this holiday season. Heartfelt, as I can best possibly be, I bestow upon you wishes for good Hearing and


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Radha Joy
Radha Joy

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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