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Hearing safety with the iPhone and Apple watch

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Did you know that the iPhone and Apple Watch are both working to save your hearing?

Yes, it’s true! Apple has a hearing preservation function in the "settings" of your phone.

Apple Watch and the Noise app

All Things Apple expert Jaime Pollock with Royalwise describes how, below.

You can measure the ambient sound levels around you and the duration of exposure using the Noise app on your Apple Watch. Simply open the Noise app and tap the Enable button to turn on monitoring. Anytime you want to check on the decibel levels of the sound around you just open the Noise app. You can even customize your Watch Face to include a “complication” or small icon for the Noise app so that the decibel level is always available right from the Watch Face!

Once you have ambient sound monitoring turned on, head over to the Settings app and find the Noise app settings to set your decibel threshold and turn on real-time notifications. Long-term exposure to anything over 80 decibels can cause hearing damage and the Noise app even has a built-in “Learn More” area that can give you more information about dangerous levels and durations of exposure. With notifications turned on, your Apple Watch will tap you on the wrist anytime the ambient sound in your environment exceeds your set decibel level threshold.

Headphone Safety on your iPhone

On your iPhone, look in the Sound and Haptic area of your Setting app to find the Headphone Safety setting. When you turn on the Reduce Loud Sounds option, your iPhone will analyze your headphone audio and reduce any sound that is over a set decibel level. You will also receive notifications if your audio volume should be turned down when you’ve reached the recommended 7-day audio exposure limit. After receiving the notification, the next time you use your headphones, your volume will automatically set to a lower level. You can turn it up manually if you like.

You can check your headphone audio level on the iPhone or Apple Watch from the Control Center. Look for the Hearing icon!

Please set up your phone or watch to monitor to record your noise levels, intake and to moderate your decibels levels.

Kudos to Apple and to you for your hearing preservation!

Questions? Ask Jaime Pollock

Or Radha Joy

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