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Highs and Lowe's

Sometimes even the big corporations will surprise you. I generally wouldn't give kudos to a big coglomerate like Lowe's hardware but I was pleased with one employee's adherance to safety related to hearing conservation and use of PPE yesterday when I went in for some "shelf" wood cutting. Tristan acknowledged that his saw during cutting, was over 85 dB and required the use of hearing protection and he readily put on a set of over-the-head ear muffs and safety goggles prior to using the saw. There were signs posted about the risks of noise on hearing and prompts for employees to use PPE at this station. This employee was receptive to hearing about PepPlugs and expressed his interest in getting some for himself in addition to a pair for his son who is a swimmer and will get infections from water in his middle ear.

I gave a compliment to the general manager, Geoff, about his employee and that their procedures were in place and I think he was a little surprised but pleased- he think he thought I was going to "call him out" for violating some protocol. High of the Lowe's -Caught doing something good. Keep protecting those ears and use the required PPE when operating tools and machinery. Radha Joy, PEPP NOW

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