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Instruments - How Loud are They?

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

I decided since I am going to see Jujuba at the Goodfoot Pub & Lounge this Saturday, I thought I'd research the decibel levels of instruments. I know from the PDXPipeline description "Jujuba plays ridiculously danceable Afrobeat and Juju music! The ten-piece ensemble features Nigerian Master Talking Drum legend, Nojeem Lasisi, a world-class West African and Cuban percussion section, a blazing horn section, and a funky electric rhythm section." I absolutely love dancing to this type of high-energy world-beat music, but I also think about how LOUD it will be. If you've ever been to the Goodfoot, you know, it is not only a small space so I'll be using not only PepPlugs but PPE (a mask and plugs) to protect my ears and airway!

I found this article on the Hello Music Theory about the 13 loudest Instruments:

According to this article, the Organ, Electric Guitar, Bagpipes, and Trombone are in the top 4, but even Piano and Cello can hit notes of over 100 dB with high intensity and frequency levels.

Hearing damage can occur even at the 70 and 80 dB levels if exposed for long periods of time, and this article points out that many instruments are well over that. One stat says that hearing damage can occur in JUST 7 1/2 minutes at a concert near the speakers booming 107dB.

Many instruments are over 120 dB especially those with amplifiers, any electric instruments and drums, symbols and percussion, and the horn section just to name a few more with high decibel levels that are potentially harmful. So don't get me wrong, I love instruments, I love music, I just don't love them at the ear drum bursting, hair cell (cilia) destruction levels that my rock star friends do. Please educate yourself about potentially damaging noise levels and use your hearing protection!


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