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Monster Jam What?

Monster Truck What?

Contributor Andrea Kempl recently shared this story with PepPlugs. Kempl posted on Instagram a picture of herself, her husband, Jeff and their two year old son at Portland's Moda Center wearing Peplugs. They went for the FELD Entertainment - Monster Jam Truck Show.

Later Kempl writes,

“My kid loves monster trucks and the show was great. I’m not complaining about the show itself, but super disappointed hearing protection isn’t required or included in the ticket. It really should be. They sold hearing protection at the event, but with how loud it was, it should be required.”

Kempl added, “Also, when you buy tickets nothing warns you of how loud the show is, so people don’t know they need to pay extra money to buy the hearing protection they sell at the event. [This is] really unfair to people with limited income who might not have the extra funds but bought a ticket to take their child to this show just to walk in and realize it’s going to cause hearing damage. You would have been appalled. Those monster truck engines are way louder than an average music show or concert, and I saw a few babies in there I was concerned about.”

Andrea shared this clip from the event and wrote, “[It is] harder to tell in a video, but at the beginning of this one you can hear how much louder the engine is over the already loud music, just for perspective.”

Kempl is trained in the hearing and speech sciences and reported that she brought PepPlugs and headphones to keep herself and her family safe from hearing damage but not everyone there was protecting their hearing!

Public service announcement. If you attend a big, loud sporting event like Monster jam or a Blazer’s game, it is highly suggested that you bring hearing protection- preserve your hearing….I feel for people that just don’t think about their hearing and take the severity of noise pollution for granted.

If you watch this clip, Please turn down the audio. On my laptop this video measured 80 dB.

This YouTube clip from KOIN news last week has the newscaster in the one of the Monster Trucks Megladon and at 3:35 , she says, I can't hear a "f-ing thing." That's noise pollution you'all!

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