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MRI machines- How dangerous are they?

Blog Dangerous Decibels of MRI Machines misery

A couple months back, I was down at the South Waterfront Farmers Market. I met a lovely gentleman and advocate. As we were talking about Hearing loss and PepPlugs. He shared with me that he’d had “ringing of the ears” (medically known as “tinnitus”) for four weeks ever since he had an MRI at OHSU. The medical professionals gave him foam plugs but he inserted them incorrectly, and suffered the whole procedure without adequate hearing protection. Now he reports Tinnitus and iis suffering potentially long-term hearing damage as a result of improper insertion of the foam plugs. This anecdotal story isn’t just a “one off”. I believe many folks are subjected to Noise Pollution and they don’t realize the potential harmful effects. According to this Hearing Journal Article, MRI scanners that can reach peak sound pressure levels of 125.7 to 130.7 dB and have an average equivalent intensity of 110 to 115 dB. This high-intensity noise could easily cause hearing loss or induce tinnitus or hyperacusis (Nagoya J Med Sci. 2007 Jan;69(1-2):23). This is dangerously loud! This necessitates good hearing protection.

I tell you this story because like many decisions we have to make about protection, and safety, I can no longer ignore our ignorance about the dangers of hearing loss. WE, NOT ME, MUST PROTECTION OUR HEARING.

If you love yourself and your family then make good choices about personal ear protection.

-Radha Joy, Hearing Conservationist

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