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Noise in the Arena: Go Blazers

Noise in the Arena

The Blazers have officially kicked off their season at the Moda Sports Arena right here in Portland. While at the event, two different friends downloaded the Sound Level Meter app from NIOSH and took these readings and video clips. 105 dB was the highest reading and the overall low in the arena was around 85 decibels!

It is important to understand that 2 minutes of 110 dBA sound can damage your hearing. 14 minutes at a 100 dBA sound level can damage your hearing. Most of the time the sound was measured at around 85 dBA but is still dangerous for periods of 8 hours. We know a Blazer game doesn’t last for 8 hours, but the combined intermittent noise of the horns, buzzers and the constant noise of the crowd all adds up to noise saturation for our delicate auditory system. This can occur at the Seahawks arena, Autzen stadium or the Rose Garden. Unfortunately, this type of loudness can meet and/or exceed your maximum allowance for noise for the day, which could result in permanent hearing loss. Fortunately, PepPlugs are available and have a noise reduction rating (NRR) of approximately 25-29 dB, bringing you to a safe sound level! The Moda Center distributes free foam plugs at the guest services if you forget to bring your own hearing protection or PepPlugs. Protect your hearing, your 65 year old self will thank you!

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