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Noise Pollution at Home

My last post was about how hearing loss is 100% preventable. So today, I want to share with you about common household pollutants! Did you know there are noise pollutants in your home?

This past year, we've spent a lot of "at home" time, and even in your own home, we're not immune to noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). Maybe you've seen my post about the blender, my mom's post about blow-drying her hair, the vacuum, and don't get me started on the TV volume nor the radio on full blast! These are just a few of the household machines with DANGEROUS DECIBELS.

My Blender is approximately 88-93 dB while pureeing our morning smoothie. Yours may be a little louder if it's fully cranked or softer depending on the speed and variation. The Vitamix is particularly loud. When measuring the hairdryer it tops 90 and up to 100 decibels blasting into your ear. A constant sound of greater than 85 dB can really damage our hearing.

I have begun using earplugs at my house while vacuuming, blending, and especially doing any weed-whacking, machinery work around the house in order to preserve my own hearing. As for my kids, Yes, I have trained them to do one of the following when exposed to loud noise (and you should too): 1) Leave the room (move away from the sound source) 2) Use PepPlugs or headphones 3) Cover your ears with your finger. Pushing that little triangular flap of skin, called the "tragus" into your ear's opening, can be an effective method for hearing preservation. Yes, it is totally "old school" or "caveman style" but Extreme times call for extreme measures!

Have stories about other noise polluters in your home? Husband snoring, the landscapers outside on a Monday morning? Write:

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