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October is... Protect your hearing month!

October seems to be a lot of things including:

  • National Disability Recognition Month

  • Down Syndrome Awareness Month but also

  • Protect your hearing month.

5 ways you can Protect Your Hearing and think about hearing health

5) Identify sounds that are LOUD in your home, work and social environments such as : tools, appliances, trains, planes or machinery: Find methods to avoid those noises like walking away.

4) Purchase and practice using PepPlugs when exposed to loud noise and protect your hearing for today and tomorrow too

3) Learn about the auditory system, and noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) , learn that we are all susceptible to HL but it is preventable

2) Use a sound level meter or an app like NIOSH to measure your environmental sounds

1) Discuss with others about Hearing health, and hearing loss and share Hearing protection with them too.

Remember anything over 85 dB can be potentially harmful and cause hearing damage-- PepPlugs do help. Use Personal Ear Protection Plugs now (Pepp Now)

This weekend I'll ask you to do two things:

1) Find your Quiet Place (see the Find your Quiet Place Challenge) -- Send me a picture of you in a quiet happy place

2) Tell me a way that you protect your hearing and if you don't protection your hearing please visit and look at purchasing some hearing protection. Your future self will thank you.

With all my best, Radha Joy aka "RJ" Leader in Hearing Conservation

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