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Planes, Boats and Shipping yards

I just had the pleasure of flying Air Tahiti Nui to Papeete, Tahiti for a 10 day -long French Polynesian Adventure. Of course, swimming at the beaches and snorkeling are quiet recreational sports but the transportation aspects to get to these locations were not!

My seat on the plane was near the engine and I popped in my Pepp, especially for take-off

and landing, and to block out unwanted sounds of the neighboring crying child.

Once in the port in Papeete, Tahiti, I noted how the machinery, forklifts, and boats in the dockyard were also loud, causing me to grab for hearing protection. Nothing wrong with keeping it safe and using personal ear protection while on vacation. One of the most surprising and loudest events while on vacation was the Polynesian drummers/ dancer show. Their drumming was really loud and I was glad to have PepPlugs to block out some of the thumping. Visually it was pleasing but another Ship passenger told me they were scanning the audience to find me in hopes I had some Pepp to share with them because the show was a roaring 95 dB up close to the drum circle. Even vacation can cause noise-induced hearing loss. (NIHL). Consider your hearing health out there in the world folks!

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