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Ringing in the Ears?!

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

The Fourth of July is over, yet for some people the “ringing in the ears” is not.

Have you ever wondered what the ringing in the ears is about?

Do you have lasting effects on your hearing from loud noises, concerts, fireworks, other forms of noise pollution?

For folks in the Portland metro area, I think their hearing was largely spared due to a “FIREWORKS BAN!”, but for those of us that were at the coast or other areas around the country, the fireworks were loud and if your ears were not protected you may have some lasting effects from the loud “BOOM, SNAP, and POPS!” How long will Tinnitus or Ringing in the ears last?

While there is no definitive answer to this question, the duration of this symptom depends on its cause and severity. For example, noise-induced tinnitus could be temporary or occasional, whereas, if there is more severe damage over time to the hearing system, tinnitus could be more of a permanent symptom.

According to the King Hearing Center, “16 to 48 hours on average is how long tinnitus will last. But in some cases, symptoms can last as long as two weeks. Further exposure to loud noises could also trigger tinnitus to flare up again, effectively resetting the clock.”

If the “ringing” is a result of a concert, fireworks or other noise pollution, it will probably be temporary, but other reasons for tinnitus may include wax build up, infection due to medication or allergies or even more long term effects of a hearing loss. If tinnitus after noise exposure doesn’t stop within 48 hours please see a hearing health care professional.

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