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Sensory Sunday!

This week has been a sensory overload for me and really my whole family. We flew to Southern California this week for a long-overdue trip to the theme parks including Six Flags and Disneyland. Flying itself is loud, not dangerously so but if you are near the engines, and during take-offs and landings, it definitely constitutes some noise-canceling type ear/headphones or plugs. I had my plugs and not only did I block out some of the unwanted airplane noise.

Once in California, we took a trip to Magic Mountain, up in Valencia to the Six Flags amusement park. I was solo with my kids and what saved me on those ferociously loud rollercoasters were the Dramamine and the PepPlugs that I carry faithfully. The Riddler ride topped 93 dB, so did the DC Superheroes experience, the sounds of the ride while roaring down the tracks coupled with, the screams of the riders, definitely constitutes some hearing protection.

While at Disneyland, I found the booms of explosives in Indian Jones, and Cackles of the Haunted House, shooting of the Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters and even the simulation of Mr

. Toad's Wild Ride unbearably loud as well. Matterhorn's chugging uphill and screeching brakes on the downhill topped comfortable listening levels as well. Why expose yourself to some much unwelcomed auditory bombardment? I know it wasn't just me, that was sensitive to it either. My son wore PepPlugs almost the whole weekend and several other folks whom I spoke with, stated the rides' aggressively loud noise levels were more than many wanted to tolerate. So please listener, consider not only your skin when exposed to the dangerous sun rays but also your own hearing health and that of your loved ones when enjoying even recreational and entertaining machinery and gimicks and protect those ears. Your Golden years will thank you!

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