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Steps for getting Custom-Made PepPlugs

  1. Visit to view Custom styles of PepPlugs and choose the best style for your budget

  2. Purchase item

  3. Once your order is made, we will call you to set up an appointment

  4. Visit the COHC, Hearing aid specialist, or Audiologist for a 3D digital scan or a physical impression (link to information)

  5. Make final selection of your order with personalizations (color, handle, size, etc)

    1. The manufacturer will shape, mold, print, and customize your Pepp Product

    2. Choose to ship directly to you or Pepp Now

  6. Wait 4 weeks for the item to be shipped

  7. Try it out! You have 30 days to be sure the custom fit is for you

Aquanot Swim plugs with Filter
Get some Custom-Made PepPlugs that are made for you!

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