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The Impact of Hearing Loss

Some of you have asked me, "Why did you quit your day job, and why are you so concerned with HEARING CONSERVATION”? Well, many of my family members, including myself, have hearing loss as so do some of my friends. My father, for one, has Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) from working with machinery and power tools as a woodworker and carpenter for 30 years of his adult life.

This past weekend, we were in the Columbia River Gorge and we were discussing the impact of having hearing loss on communication and lifestyle. It is obvious that my dad doesn’t always hear, what is being said by the grandkids, and he shared that when he is hiking, he tries to be in front of the group so he can hear the people behind him talking. If he’s in the back of us on the trail, the words and messages, often get lost.

The impact that hearing loss can have saddens me.

Having a hearing loss can be isolating for many, I do not wish that on anyone.

So obviously hearing preservation is near and dear to my heart. I am doing this work for you all, I am hoping people will take hearing health more seriously.

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