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Wednesday, August 3 Kalimba - Earth, Wind, and Fire!

I love outdoor summer concerts and listening to live music and dancing. It is truly my happy place! And Kalimba: The Spirit of Earth Wind and Fire is once again playing Westlake Park this Wednesday - Free concerts in the park Lake Oswego 6:30 - 8:30 PM

Our hearing health is very fragile, so in the light of what I know, I will certainly rock out to Earth, Wind and Fire but with Personal Ear Protection Plugs(PepPlugs). I want to preserve what is left of my auditory system and I want my friends and family to do the same - preserve their hearing too. If the intensity (or decibel level) gets beyond 85dB you can bet I’ll use my Pepp.

Concerts are typically 95-110 decibels especailly near the speakers and even being exposed to 7 and ½ minutes at 110dB can be harmful to our hearing. So if you see me tonight at my local concert in the park…. ask me for some hearing protection or better yet, buy some!

Protect your hearing-no one else is going to do it for you. Shop and get your PepPlugs today…

Thanks, Radha Joy

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