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To Test or Not to Test, is the question...

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Can you believe we are already almost through the first month of 2022? We’re all getting back into the swing of things, at least I hope we are. We’re making plans for the future, scheduling overdue appointments, and setting up fun distractions and events as well. I’ve been at my office off Macadam, working towards Hearing Aid Specialist licensure gaining clinical hours and experience with my Clinical Supervisor, Audiologist, Vanessa Rentschler.

I’ve also been working with a Creative Project Manager, Laura Digiovanna, who does Marketing in New York City. While visiting Portland this month, Digiovanna, age 30, came in for a hearing test. She reported a family history of hearing loss, so out of curiosity, Laura decided to get her ears tested. She told me she is an avid music listener, with Earbuds/ apple AirPods, has attended many years of concerts, enjoys recreation like motorcycle riding, and succumbs to constant noise pollution from the bustling streets of Manhattan.

While at Pepp Now, I ran through a series of hearing tests with Laura, including Pure Tone Audiometry, Speech Recognition Threshold (SRT) and Word Recognition (WR) test. Although these tests aren’t being administered in a sound booth, the findings weren’t “too surprising,” states Digiovanna. She had good hearing in the low frequencies but some mild high-frequency loss at 8000 Hz (high pitched sounds). Audiologist, Dr. Rentschler stated, “This is fairly uncommon for someone your age but it might be genetic and something to keep in mind, get retested annually and be cautious about your hearing health.” Joy added, “Yes, and preserve your hearing with ear protection and faithfully use your new custom PepPlugs.”

It needs to be stated here, that even at 30, you are not immune to the effects of noise-induced hearing loss. Hearing loss is gradual, therefore, many folks do not take hearing health seriously. According to a 2011 study, 81% of 16 to 65-year-olds reported rarely or never using hearing protection at concerts and loud sporting events. “I lived my 20s in front of the speaker at shows, reported Digiovanna, “Loving every minute of it BUT…,” she paused, “I didn’t think once about using hearing protection.” Digiovanna like many of us didn’t protect her ears from 100+ dB sound levels at concerts but is now reconsidering and prioritizing her hearing health.

“It really wasn’t until meeting you,” Digiovanna admits, “That I started thinking about using PepPlugs and now I use them for everything, for sleeping, and riding public transportation and of course concert-going. She also added, “everything about hearing health I’ve learned from you.” She told me that she will continue to utilize PepPlugs in daily situations. Laura is super excited about receiving her first pair of custom-made PepPlugs from Pepp Now and is even planning ahead for a second pair of custom plug tips to couple with her earbuds.

Digiovanna ended with, “I am super confident that they’ll help me preserve my hearing and trusting that they’ll be a huge game-changer for focus, sleep, and ability to keep attending loud shows until I’m 80.”

The takeaway? Come in for a hearing test, purchase PepPlugs or any ear protection for concerts, shows, industry - Your 80 year old self will thank you! No one else is going to do it for you: book online with today for your free hearing health exam and PepPlug consultation. Out of my love for you and your third sense, Hearing~ Radha Joy, SLP, Educator, Leader in Hearing Conservation - PepPlugs and Pepp Now CEO

Laura Digiovanna, 30 and Mother, Colleen Digiovanna wearing PepPlugs at Grand Central Station, New York City, last October, 2021.

side note along with the picture came this text message from Colleen: on Friday, October 1st, 2021 "I just put my pep plugs in VERY LOUD in NYC"

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