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What's going on near Bond Street?

Portland, OR - South Waterfront Construction

As I sit in my office off Macadam Avenue in Southwest Portland, I can hear clanking and intermittent pounding… industrial construction noise is heard every day like clockwork. I am over 1 mile South of the OHSU Waterfront and Tram, Bond street & River Parkway, but I can hear it.

Currently, a major construction project is in full development, spearheaded by Andersen Construction. They are pile-driving the foundation to support another high-rise building, and the residents in the high-rise condos nearby are going crazy!

There seems to be construction and development happening all over Portland… Although it can be exciting to see our city grow, unfortunately for those living near the construction sites, it can be unbearably loud.

I recently went down there and used my Sound Level Meter about 100 yards away from the site. It constantly registered from 79dB to 86dB! I can only imagine how damaging the noise pollution is from the relentless pile driver impact at ground zero. It is compounded further when the echo is reflected back from the other high-rise buildings!

The folks in the area are infiltrated with noise pollution, daily. A family friend, Joan Husman, says the continuous noise is loud and pervasive every day. I feel for the South Waterfront folks facing the construction site.

Fortunately, I do have something that could help! Utilizing PepPlugs can block out 25dB of noise, saving both your hearing and your sanity! For those of you with friends, family and loved ones living or working in construction zones. Please advocate for their hearing and talk to them about custom plugs!

For those living / working around the construction zones who require more protection. I suggest the Defend Ear a Custom-Made PepPlug.This plug will be able to drown out noise and give your ears a break from the industrial pounding!

Check out PepPlugs/shop and get some plugs today. - Radha Joy

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