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What type of PepPlug is right for you?

What kind of PepPlug is best for you? The answer is, the ONE YOU’ll WEAR! Truly, the answer is primarily a personal preference. I used to be rigid and say the only “really good ear protection” was a custom fit, custom-made personal ear protection plug. I have changed my tune.

It is true that a

custom-made plug is the gold standard. It is the most expensive hearing protection, made to fit your specific ear anatomy with a decibel(dB) reduction of upwards to 33. But really, like previously stated, the best hearing protection is the one you’ll actually wear! While custom plugs are the best protection, there are lots of options to choose from.

A good hearing protection option, which should not be discredited, is disposable plugs. They are the cheapest and easiest to obtain, best to give to friends and family members when in a pinch, and have dB reductions of up to 25 when used correctly. It is important to know that most of these do require molding squeezing and compressing to fit your anatomic ear.

I have researched various types of PepPlugs extensively, and although I do want everyone to embrace custom plugs as I have, but I see the value in less expensive hearing protection as well. So the PepPlugs that I carry are wax plugs, silicone moldable putty, three flange plugs, DIY(do it yourself) custom moldable plugs, and of course the “gold standard” custom made PepPlugs.

Recently, my favorite inexpensive type are the Three flange PepPlugs because they are soft, highly protective, occlude sound well, have a hole at the end for PeppEnds or accessories, are washable, waterproof and reusable. Try them out, they work, protect your hearing, no one else will do it for you!

Radha Joy, SLP, COHC, HAIS Trainee &

Leader in Hearing Conservation

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