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Wincing Prince Louie says no to Noise Pollution!

Look at Wincing Prince Louie, in obvious pain over the loud jets during their "fly-by" at Buckingham Palace today. Young Louie is covering his ears because he is smart and airplanes are loud: often 120-140 dB, no one should be exposed to this level of noise pollution.

This has become a cute "meme" (thank you to Aaron Chown / Associated Press) or shot, but what does it take for us as a culture to protect our ears? Louie, thank you for trusting your instinct and your ears will thank you when you are Queen Mother's age! If we start our kids' young thinking about hearing protection, they won't be as "hard of hearing" at a ripe ole age. Isn't it strange that as a culture, we just "accept" hearing loss as a natural part of aging.

It doesn't have to be that way. Protect your hearing now and you'll be happy you did when you're Queen Elizabeth II's age!!

(Aaron Chown / Associated Press)

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