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My Chernova

My Chernova!

I love listening to live music, it is truly my happy place!

Over the years I have had the opportunity to see lots and lots of amazing shows! My very first show was INXS back in I believe 1987 when I was a mere 12 year old. This show was at the Hult Center in Eugene Oregon and although a very lovely venue, at the time INXS was more “alternative” than mainstream and “listen like thieves” was very punk rock. Music goers were wearing combat boots, army pants and spiked mohawks. It was considered edgy and I remember in my adolescence feeling so alive and excited and I was hooked. I remember shortly after going to a “street party” on the U of O campus and we saw the local Skippy (ska hippie) band, Crazy 8s.

These were loud rockin shows and no one even considered hearing protection!

I was lucky enough to have seen a few of the Grateful Dead’s Last shows with Jerry Garcia at Autzen stadium like in 1988- dylan and the dead or was it Jimmy Cliff and the Dead? Anyways, going to live shows has always been a big part of my life including seeing Michael Franti and Storm Large (two of my favorite musicians) almost annually for the past 20 years.

So what’s my point? Music rocks and it also rocks the hair cells in your inner ears. As the acoustic vibrations beat off the tympanic membrane sending a mechanic chain of ossicles into motion which then pushes through the oval window and creates waves into the cochlea, especially in the Organ of Corti and the sound hits the second turn in the cochlea where high frequency sounds are typically picked up, there is a higher susceptibility to high frequency damage to the hair cells, especially the outer ones and as they are compromised, sheared and damaged this means they are less likely to convert to electrically energy or impulse and less likely to travel up the auditory nerve to receptors for you and I the listener to receive in our brains. So yes, live music is amazing in lower, smaller doses and is fragile , so/also in the light of what I know now, I will certainly be using Personal Ear Protection Plugs from here on out at shows. I want to preserve what is left of my fragile auditory system and I want to be able to enjoy music up into a ripe old age. So how loud is too loud, you ask? Anything over 85 dB for longer periods of time like machinery or all day concerts require a noise conservation plan. Concerts are typically 110-130 decibel level and even being exposed to 7 and ½ minutes at 110dB is harmful to our hearing. So if you see me tonight at my favorite local Russian punk rock polka Ska band, Chernova, ask me for some hearing protection or better yet, buy some or bring your own! Protect your hearing-no one else is going to do it for you. Shop and get your PepPlugs today…

Thanks, Radha Joy

Okay, from now until World Listening Day on Sunday, If you place an order, I will enter your name into a drawing and you can get your order cost REFUNDED Completely (except S/H or you can pick up)

If you are the first five people to find my at Chernova tonight, I will give you a free pair of disposable wax plugs!

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