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Sound of Metal and You!

Sound of Metal and You Blog September 2021 by Radha Joy

Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is real and not to be taken lightly as featured in the recent film, Sound of Metal. The main character, Ruben, a metal band drummer, suffers from a sudden loss of hearing due to years of noise pollution and loud drumming. In this film, he discovers that hearing loss is largely irreversible, deafness is real and controversial surgery like the costly cochlear implant is possible but it is not the panacea. This technology doesn’t always work nor fully restore hearing on the biological level, it electronically bypasses the cochlea and sends signals to the brain but some never really benefit from this alternative method. The message that is important to convey is that Hearing LOSS is PREVENTABLE. Using hearing protection greatly reduces your chances of losing hearing due to noise pollution. Take it seriously because your body is the only body you have. Use PepPlugs today. With conservation in mind -Radha Joy

Last month I attended the Housewarming Party at the Epicenter in North Portland. This event was 6 + hours of thumping DJ tunes. No one loves music more than I do, but talk about Noise pollution and loud music. I was a vendor at this event so I could handout (and sell) PEPP (Personal Ear Protection Plugs) because it was loud!

Last Saturday, I went to Edgefield and handed out PepPlugs at Michael Franti. It was rewarding when some people ran up to me and said, "Do you have any more of them?" This is my new gig, handing out PepPlugs at LOUD PLACES to encourage people to protect their hearing. Hearing matters. I really want people to realize that in loud places like concerts, hearing conservation is important! Please protect your sense of hearing.

“Hearing loss is expensive, Ear plugs are not.” David Owen

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